Liuzza Land Attractions


Fun on the Farm!

We’ve got wagon tours and “U-Pick” harvests, growing your own seeds and interacting with our animals.
There are plenty of fun events for guests of all ages to enjoy!
Pack a picnic and come visit! We even have seasonal events like our Pumpkin Patch and Corn Maize!


Guided Wagon Tour

Guest will board our covered wagon and take an adventure ride through our produce fields,
abundant in plants and produce. 

Learners will discover:

* Prepping the fields with tractors and plows.

* Irrigation and watering each and every plant.

* Fertilizers and nutrients provided to each plant.

* Harvesting all the produce by hand.

* Packing and cooling the produce.

* Delivering the produce to grocery stores all over Louisiana.



Students will have the opportunity to see and pick their own pumpkins in the fall and strawberries in the spring.



"From the farm to the table" our focus is in Ag-Ventureland. 

Guests are provided with their very own bushel to assist in gathering all their goods that come from the farm.  See exactly where your food comes from!  Harvesters will be guided through the animal exhibits and collect many goods including milk, wool, eggs and produce!  After all goods have been collected, we will sell them to the Farmer’s Market where each farmer will receive their own allowance to purchase a yummy snack!

They will also be planting a seed to grow at home, and will be given instructions on how to care for their plant as it grows.


Pioneer Town

Take a trip back in time by visiting our pioneer town and taking a horse drawn wagon ride. Our town includes and old school house, blacksmith shop, feed and seed, church, and general store. Our goats are also located near pioneer town. Students will learn about the goats as well as feed and pet them!

Other activities include a hay bale pyramid, giant corn boxes with diggers and tractor swings!



How high can you jump? How fast can you slide?

Find out on our GIANT Jumping Pillow & Tunnel Slides!!!

These activities are fun for all ages!


Picnic & Concessions

**New to Liuzza Land this Fall !!!

The Southern Spoon Food Truck

(Guests are also welcome to bring a picnic lunch)

We will have jams, jellies, and so much more, t-shirts, honey, and gifts galore!

*We also have lots of clean restrooms, hand washing stations, and water fountains on the farm. 




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