Liuzza Produce Farm is owned and operated by Anthony and Lucinda Liuzza, their two sons, Joey and Kevin and Kevin’s wife, Elizabeth. Elizabeth is also the proud owner of Liuzza Land, The Greenery as well as the Berry Barn. Liuzza Produce Farm has been providing fresh fruits and vegetables all over Louisiana for Five Generations. The farm currently owns and operates approximately 500 acres of produce. We are the largest strawberry and vegetable farm in the state of Louisiana. Everything on our farm is planted and harvested by hand. Once the produce is picked, all with the exception of strawberries and cabbage are then taken to our packing shed to be washed , dried, and sanitized. It is then all packaged and cooled before delivered to Grocery Stores and Stands all over the state. A few things we also like to teach others when they come on tours here at the farm is the importance of the Honeybee and that the Honeybee is not only Louisiana’s State insect , but we also consider the Honeybee to be the hardest working farmer of us all. All of our plants will produce a flower and from that flower will grow the fruit or vegetable. Bees help pollinate the flowers; by spreading pollen from flower to flower for the produce to be able to grow.

Farming is more than just a job; it is a way of life. With hard work, family and dedication ; today we raise over two million strawberry plants,again all planted and harvested by hand, selling over one hundred acres of fresh strawberries to stores and stands each and every year. We also assist other local growers in the area by selling their strawberries and produce. Our continuous growth has allowed us to ship products all over Louisiana and throughout the Gulf Region. Be sure to look for us in your local grocery stores; a few being Walmart, Winn Dixie , Bohnings and our very own Liuzza-Henderson family market; Berry Town Produce. We take great pride in our businesses and feel blessed to be given the opportunity to work together as a family. It has taught us trust, patience and the value of life. We thank God for all the love and success of our businesses and from the bottom of our hearts we thank all of you. Our customers and community have allowed us to live our family dream and life on the farm. You are all a part of our roots.